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Whether we like it or not, television is an inevitable part in a child's life. Media researches and specialists in youngsters' behavior recommend that children under 2 years don't watch TV at all, and then, only reduced exposure. Keep in mind, however, how television influences or not, the general development of your child.

Show your child that watching TV can be more of an active experience rather than a passive one.

You can do this by repeating together with him the words and expressions heard during a show, encouraging the child to sing and dance together with the characters, or talking to him about what he sees or hears.  


Choose the programs that your child watches, carefully!Read reviews of the shows so that you can choose the ones suitable for your child.

Watch TV together with your child!Kids often imitate what they see. Ask him questions and provoke him to make up his own lines. You can ask him about the beginning of the film or which character he would like to play. Ask him to make another story with the same characters.

Avoid letting the television take up from family time or play time!Limit the time your child spends in front of the telly. This way, you make sure he has enough time to play and discover the world around him. Use the musical part of the film or program to encourage him to get up and dance instead of just sit quietly and listen.

Use watching TV as a tool for your child to learn how to listen. Make a game out of watching TV and while you watch an already known show, let the child stay behind the TV and ask him to guess the character, by listening to his voice, talking or singing.

Avoid films or programs where the resolution is violence.

Explain to your child that characters in movies and animations can sometimes do things that real people can't do.

Avoid programs or films that may scare your child.   


The entire content of our site is strongly supervised and we make sure it's suitable for every age. We always check the comments we receive before posting them online. Nevertheless, we encourage children to use nicknames instead of real names and keep the personal details a secret, in order to be safe on the online space.  

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